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FanGraphs Live At SABR41 In Long Beach

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FanGraphs Live: loads more fun than NASCAR
FanGraphs Live: loads more fun than NASCAR

I am proud to be a part of the next Fangraphs Live event, which will be held at the same location as the 41st SABR Convention, at the Long Beach Hilton. For three hours, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Thursday, July 7, I will be one of many panelists discussing all things baseball. Among the others involved are:

  • Rob Neyer, national baseball writer for SB Nation
  • Vince Gennaro, author of Diamond Dollars and professor at Columbia University
  • Rich Lederer, curator of Baseball Analysts and well known Bert Blyleven booster
  • Jon Weisman, author of Dodger Thoughts and writer/editor at Variety
  • Jonah Keri, writer for FanGraphs and author of The Extra 2%
  • Carson Cistulli, editor for FanGraphs, host of FanGraphs Audio, published poet
  • David Appelman, president of FanGraphs
  • Dave Cameron, managing editor of FanGraphs

The cost of the event is $20, but there are a limited number of seats available for $15 by using the discount code "TrueBlueLA," or clicking here.

It should be a fun night of talking baseball. I hope to see you there.