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A Look at the Dodgers 2011 Draft - Part 2 (Bloodlines)

The 2011 MLB draft starts on June 6th, and here is Part 2 of a 3 part series on potential players that the Dodgers may pick.  Part 1 looked at the players who had been previously selected by the Dodgers, but didn't sign and are again eligible for this year's draft.  Part 3 will be posted closer to the draft and will look at potential 1st round picks for the Dodgers

Today in Part 2, we'll look at some of the players eligible for the 2011 draft that have bloodlines in professional sports, and in particular guys who have some sort of a tie to the Dodgers.  All teams like players with great bloodlines, but the Dodgers seem to be a little more focused on this than other teams.

Also, as I mentioned last time the Dodgers hold the 16th overall pick this year, their earliest selection since 2008.  Due to the supplemental/sandwich round in between the 1st and 2nd rounds the Dodgers 2nd pick is #73, and because of a Mariners' extra pick in round 3 the Dodgers pick 14th that round.  Then from rounds 4 - 50 the Dodgers have the 13th pick each round.

Bloodlines - Brother's of Current Dodgers

Nicky Delmonico - INF/C - Brother of Dodger farmhand Tony Delmonico - Nicky is a high school player who can play all over the infield, but is expected to be tried at catcher as a professional.  Some saw him as a 1st round pick early in Spring, but he didn't have an overwhelming senior year and how he's seen more as a 2nd rounder.  Given the Dodgers lack of catching depth in the minor leagues now that his brother Tony is now a 3rd baseman, Nicky could be a good fit for the Dodgers in the 2rd or 3rd round if he's still around.

Joey Delmonico - C - Brother of Dodger farmhand Tony Delmonico - Joey put up great stats at Volunteer State Community College, but he joined Georgia in 2011 and put up dismal stats as a part time player.  That being said, he's a big bodied catcher and I'm sure the Dodgers will pick him in a late round if he's still available.

Cameron Gallagher - C - Brother of Dodger farmhand Austin Gallagher - Similar to Delmonico, Gallagher is a high school catcher who isn't a guarantee to stay behind the plate as a professional.  He's a big kid like his brother, and he should get drafted in a spot similar to where Austin was selected (3rd round).  I'm sure the Dodgers would love to have Cameron in their system, but I doubt they'd use a top pick on him so he'd probably have to slip a bit to become a Dodger.

Jeff Ames - RHP - Brother Dodger farmhand Steven Ames - Jeff has been drafted twice before, in 2009 as a 46th round pick by the Phillies and in 2010 as a 30th round pick by the Rockies, but he declined to sign each time.  Instead, Ames has spent the past two seasons at Lower Columbia Community College and has posted solid stats.  He has a mid 90's fastball and is projected as a 3rd to 5th round pick, so I'm almost positive he'll sign this time around.  We'll see if the Dodgers are willing to spend a relatively high pick on the brother of Steven, who is has had a great professional career thus far.

Son/Grandson of Dodgers

Ryan Garvey - OF Son of former Dodger Steve Garvey - This son of Steve Garvey played his high school baseball out in Palm Desert and led his team to the CIF playoffs with a .381 average and 9 homers during the regular season.  He's committed to USC and is expected to be a 5th to 6th round pick, but I'm sure the Dodgers would love to have him in their system is just because of his name.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Dodgers ended up picking him.

Jordan Hershiser - RHP - Son of former Dodger Orel Hershiser - Hershiser has been injured for almost his entire career at USC and still has eligibility for the Trojans, but he's already spent 4 years in college so if he wants to have a major league career he should probably get started as a pro.  It makes too much sense for the Dodgers to draft him with a late round pick, and if they do pick him I wouldn't doubt that the 6'8" right-hander would sign with this father's former team.

Brian Howe - LHP - Son of former Dodger Steve Howe - Brian won't be a 1st round pick like his father was, but someone will take a late round flyer on this left-hander.  Howe stands at just 5'10", but he has had some success at Montana State over the past few seasons.

Riley Welch - RHP - Son of former Dodger Bob Welch - Welch was used very sparingly for Hawaii in 2011, but will probably get drafted based on his name in a late round.

Brandon Bonilla - LHP - Son of former Dodger Bobby Bonilla - Bobby's time with the Dodgers was brief as he spent most of his career with the Pirates and Mets.  Nevertheless Brandon is a high school lefty with a low 90's fastball so the Dodgers could take a late round flyer on Bonilla if he slips to the later rounds. 

Bobby Buckner - INF - Son of former Dodger Bill Buckner - Bill is best known as a Red Sox, but he did spent the first 8 seasons of his career in Los Angeles.  Bobby hasn't had a great college career, and has actually bounced around to a few different colleges, but I'm sure he'll get drafted in a later round due to his bloodlines; possibly by the Dodgers.

Travis Shaw - 3B - Son of former Dodger Jeff Shaw - Travis is a big kid at 6'4" and 215 lbs and has put up very solid offensive stats at Kent State over the past few seasons.  He hit .330 with 15 homers as a sophomore, and now as a Junior is batting .316 with 14 jacks through 58 games.  He isn't considered a top draft prospect, so maybe the Dodgers can get the powerful Shaw as a middle round pick.

Tyler Bream - 3B - Son of former Dodger Sid Bream - His father was a 2nd round pick by the Dodgers in 1981 and spent 2 and a half seasons in Los Angeles before getting traded to the Pirates. Tyler had a great year in 2010 for Liberty College and is a big kid at 6'4", however his stats in 2011 have been less than impressive.  He'll probably be a middle round pick and the Dodgers may or may not be the team that picks him.

Matt Scioscia - C - Son of former Dodger Mike Scioscia - Matt hasn't played much at all during his career at Notre Dame and is hitting just .200 in 16 games for the Irish in 2011.  He could be a late round pick of the Dodgers or more likely the Angels.

Kyle Hardy - 3B - Grandson of former Brooklyn Dodger Bill Hardy - Kyle has jumped around to a few different colleges, but spent 2011 at Missouri State.  He stands at 6'3" and 220 lbs, but had a terrible year at the plate in 2011.

Other Baseball Relatives

Dante Bichette Jr. - 3B - Son of former big league player Dante Bichette - The younger Bichette has good power and plus bat speed, and is expected to get picked in the 3rd or 4th round.  I'm sure other teams will be all over him as well, so I don't expect the Dodgers to get him.

Shawn Dunston Jr. - OF - Son of former big league player Shawn Dunston - Another guy expected to go pretty early, he probably won't fall to where the Dodgers would want to draft him.

Dereck Rodriguez - OF - Son of current big league player Ivan Rodriguez - Dereck is bigger than his dad at 6'2", and plays outfield at his high school instead of catcher.  He seems likely to sign with whichever team drafts him, and seems like he'll be a 8 to 15 round pick.

Shane Zeile - SS - Nephew of former Dodger Todd Zeile - He's committed to UCLA and probably won't sign, but that won't stop a team like the Dodgers from taking him with a late round pick.

Garrett Buechele - 3B - Son of former big league player Steve Buechele - Garrett was an 18th round pick last year as a draft eligible sophomore, but didn't sign and is expected to go higher this year.  He's hitting .336 through 55 games for Oklahoma with 8 homers and had 17 jacks in 2010.

Joe Ross - RHP - Brother of current Athletic pitcher Tyson Ross - The Dodgers probably won't have a shot at getting Ross unless they take him in the first round because he is expected to be a sandwich round pick.  He has a low to mid 90's fastball with a hard curveball.

Dwight Smith Jr. - OF - Son of former big league player Dwight Smith - Here is another player who is expected to go early, so the Dodgers likely won't this projected 1st round pick.

Patrick Palmeiro - INF/OF - Son of former big league player Rafael Palmeiro - Patrick didn't really do much during his first 2 years of college, but he transfered to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for his Junior year and has blossomed to some extent, hitting .284 with 8 homers and a team leading 43 RBI's through 57 games.