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Epicenter Open Thread

The view of The Epicenter from the press box.
The view of The Epicenter from the press box.

You are looking live at The Epicenter, home of the Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, where tonight the Dodgers' Class A affiliate takes on the High Desert Mavericks, the Seattle affiliate.

Blake Hawksworth is starting tonight, on his third game of a rehab assignment, and will pitch one inning. He will be followed on the mound by Arismendy Ozoria. Hawksworth pitched with Rancho Cucamonga last week as well, Monday and Wednesday, before an MRI showed a hip problem which delayed his activation from the DL.

Juan Uribe is starting at second base, and batting second tonight, in the first game of what could be a two- or three-game rehab assignment. Uribe is eligible to be activated as soon as Sunday, when the Dodgers finish up their series in Cincinnati, though the Dodgers might wait to activate Uribe until the series in Philadelphia, which begins Monday.

To listen to the game, you can click here.