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Dirty Harry wants to know

No doubt any chance for a postseason in 2011 has come and gone, but that is not what being a Dodger fan is all about. Anyone can be a front runner fan if they root for a team that has a chance to win on any given Sunday but it takes a special fan to root for a last place moribund bankrupt franchise. 

I could wow you with all sorts of reasons to continue to root for this team and not give in to the negativity that currently envelops everything associated with the Ravine. From Matt Kemp's maturation into possibly the greatest outfielder in Los Angeles Dodger history, too Clayton Kershaw showing those who never saw  Sandy Koufax or Fernando what it was like to see a southpaw dominant on a Dodger mound.

But why should I?

Being a fan cannot always be about winning, sometimes it has to be about losing. Some fans are going to lose interest and fade away,others will spit negative spiel on a daily basis as they try to cope with losing. The blame game will be the popular game of the summer .Still some fans will simply learn to enjoy each game as it comes as Henry has learned. 

I realized that I don't live or die for the world series... I live and die for every game. that is the beauty of baseball, you might lose one day but you have 161 more chances to come back and win. I live for the Andre Ethier walk off or the  Clayton Kershaw 13 strike out performances. I live for the memories... the Steve Finley grand slam in the ninth, Garciaparra's walkoff to capp off a four home run ninth. I have seen O dogs cycle, Paul LoDucas ( misspelled) season of greatness, and I remember when Brad Penny used to be good, or when Erik Gange had 81 saves in a row. That is why I watch Dodger baseball, because evey night can be great, every night can be a memory.

Henry has it right, every night can be a memory, even in a season as dismal as this. For many we only have to go back to 2005 to remember a season as bad as this one. Yet within that season who can forget the Hee Sop Choi home run weekend? The first battle of Broxton as he fanned Albert Pujols

Okay Okay, 2005 was so bad that is all I have, I'm sure I had memories but time has obliterated them.  Yet during 2005 we knew the Jacksonville five was percolating and better times awaited us in 2006. We also know that without 2005, the best lefthander to toe that rubber in 30 years would not be with us.  That is how we can view this season, yes it is a missed opportunity given what the Klash kids are doing, but it is not meant to be this year. Some of us will have to be content with watching Rubby deal, Dee flash, Gwynn's defense,  Navarro flail, Carroll walk, Miles smile, Blake wince,  while waiting for Sands / Trayvon / Webster / Eovaldi to eventually bolster the forces. You prospect hounds can talk about first round picks with a new urgency since for the first time since 2006 we stand a good chance of getting a top ten pick. Also you selling lovers will now have four weeks to come up with every possible scenario for moving our veterans without the moderators questioning why. 

So punks, what kind of fans are you going to be?

Well whatever type of fan you are going to be just remember it is better to commiserate with friends then drink alone.