#3 - Koufax & 1964 Topps


Is he smiling? Is he irritated? Can't tell. 1964 Topps loved Mr. Koufax, and I will show you all of the cards that he was featured in. 1964 Topps was a pretty boring design. The closeup shot of Sandy here makes up for it.


Of course he would get top billing on this card with a 1.88 ERA in 1963. In case you did not know, Koufax was the 1963 MVP, CY Young winner, and World Series MVP. Sandy had 11 shoutouts and a no-hitter against the Giants that year. WAR of 10.8!


This card was haunting my dreams because I wanted it so bad for so many years. 3 HOF on the same card? Jackpot. You only see this card in PSA 8 condition once or twice a year on ebay. Finally I bought this card within the last year. I have seen so many that were poorly centered and this card is in pretty good shape.


So who is this Maloney guy anyways? He was all over the league leader cards with Sandy and Don in the early 60's.

I am assuming he got hurt in 1970. He had quite a nice run.


This is the first Koufax card I ever bought. This card does not cost as much as the regular versions, and I just had to have a Koufax when I started the collection. Although 15 K's is not the record today, it is such an amazing feat to witness that in a World Series game.


One of my favorite cards. The picture looks like the mob is breaking his right arm and he is screaming in pain.

Only 2 more to go.......

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