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Happy Birthday All-Star Dodgers

Hong-Chih Kuo celebrates his 30th birthday.
Hong-Chih Kuo celebrates his 30th birthday.

Hong-Chih Kuo turns 30 today, meaning he spent all of his 20s in the Dodger organization. He was signed as an amateur when he was still 18, in 1999, making him one of just three players in the last 25 years signed or drafted by the Dodgers to spend at least a dozen years in the organization. But Kuo isn't alone today among Dodger birthdays.

Don Drysdale would have been 75 years old today, and before tonight's game his sons D.J. and Darren will throw ceremonial first pitches. In addition, more than 50 Drysdale family members will be at the game, and the Dodgers will show videos and have tributes to Drysdale during the game.

But wait, there's more. July 23 also happens to be the birthday of Pee Wee Reese, who like Drysdale was a Hall of Famer and the greatest shortstop in franchise history. Reese would have been 93 years old today.

In addition, Nomar Garciaparra turns 38 today. His time in Los Angeles was brief, but he did make the All-Star team in 2006 (remember that .358/.426/.576 first half?). One day, four birthdays for four Dodgers All-Stars.