Top 25 Baseball Cards - #2 Don Drysdale


I take my Don Drysdale collection very seriously.  You can see here on the PSA Set Registry that I have the #4 Don Drysdale collection in the WORLD!  Once I do finally win the lottery I will be #1.  Here is a beautiful 1957 Rookie card of Don.  Not very often you see a picture of him in Brooklyn gear and he is so young here.  I really enjoy the 57 Topps set because finally we have great close-up images of the players with a real life background.  I like the simple white borders and the simple two color font.  I saved up for an entire year for this card.  It was so worth it to me.

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The main difference here in a PSA 9 and a PSA 8 is usually in the color.  The brightness is noticeable and there is much more focus and clarity.  




Here you can see Don as an old man in his second to last card.  If you can believe it there are 42 PSA 10's for this card.  This must be one of the luckiest sheets ever printed in the history of baseball cards to come out this clean.  Never really cared for this set.  Love the style, but the odd borders always bothered me.  

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