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Homestand Beatles Contest

The Dodgers have a six-game homestand beginning tonight, and throughout the homestand they will celebrate the 45th anniversary of The Beatles' concert at Dodger Stadium.

Before Friday's game, ex-Card Sharks host Bob Eubanks, who was the promoter that brought The Beatles to Dodger Stadium in 1966, will throw out a ceremonial first pitch. The fireworks after Friday's game will be set to Beatles music, and before Tuesday's game the cast from The Beatles LOVE by Cirque du Soleil will perform on the field prior to the game against San Diego.

In accordance with the anniversary of The Beatles concert at Dodger Stadium, we have five Beatles CDs to give away, courtesy of Capitol Records: Revolver, Please Please Me, A Hard Day's Night, Beatles For Sale, and Love.

The_beatles_-_revolver_-_cover_art_medium The_beatles_-_please_please_me_-_cover_art_medium The_beatles_-_love_-_cover_art_medium The_beatles_-_beatles_for_sale_-_cover_art_medium The_beatles_-_a_hard_day_s_night_-_cover_art_medium

To win one of these CDs, it is simple: Just enter Xeifrank's daily contest.

Today's contest is here, but it will not be part of the contest. Whomever earns the most points for each game (Saturday through Wednesday) will win a CD. For example, MammothDodger earned 50 points in Thursday's contest, more than anyone else. Had the contest been held then, he would have won a CD.

The Saturday winner will get to choose which of the five CDs he or she wants, the Sunday winner will choose from the remaining four, and so on.