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8/26/2011 Dodgers Minor League Report : Scott Van Slyke Doubles Down

In case you missed it in the comments ex - TBLA editor Andrew Grant has come up with a new web site called Minor League Central to fill the void left when minor league splits stopped publishing. We will do a post on it  later, but just wanted to make sure that those of you who don't read the comments were aware of this great new website

Minor League Player of the Day –Have to give this to Scott Van Slyke who slugged two home runs giving him 18 on the year along with 42 doubles. Scott now has a 1.012 OPS and leads the league by 100 points for those still playing in AA ball. OTher then his age (25) it is hard to find anything not to like about his skill set.  No reason why he can't be our Gaby Sanchez. 

AAA Kyle Russell made his AAA debut playing RF and batting eighth. He got on base three times with a single and two walks in the 9 -0 Isotope victory. Randy Keisler who became a Dodger when he was signed this spring in a try out camp threw seven shutout innings. Once again DeJesus was part of the hitting story with a single, triple, driving in two runs, and scoring three times. Future emergency catcher Russell Mitchell knocked in four runs with three singles.

AA – Scott Van Slyke couldn't stop the Lookouts from losing by one run because he hit his two home runs with no one on base. Silverio had two doubles but no triples. It is like these guys aren't even trying. 

HiA –Rancho loses 8 - 7, Songco collects two more doubles giving him a staggering 43 on the season and five in his last three games. Overall Songco has 72 XBH. 

LoA – Loons fall 13 - 4 as Tim Sexton tries to prove that not only can he not pitch in AAA or AA but even the MWL in the best pitching environment is too much for him. 

Rookie Ogden –Looks like Ryan Sullivan made his debut and like his major league brother he likes his balls drilled as the Raptors get shot down 13  - 7.

Rookie Arizona – 

Albuquerque Isotopes Box Score (AAA)