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Dodgers Wednesday Links: Andre Ethier, Matt Kemp

Andre Ethier played well and had some good at-bats on Tuesday night.
Andre Ethier played well and had some good at-bats on Tuesday night.

Here are some stories worth reading on a Wednesday...

Andre Ethier apparently turned into Rasheed Wallace after the game last night. Per AJ Cassavell of

Ethier was in a playful mood after the game, as he spoke to the media for the first time since he responded to the story on Sunday morning. He ended nearly every answer he offered with, "It was a good game; we had fun." He refused to talk about how his knee felt.

Per Tony Jackson of ESPN LA:

Off the field, Ethier remains as moody and cantankerous as ever. But then, the Dodgers aren't paying him $9.25 million this year to be a nice guy.

"Not talking about my knee," he said. "We played a good game, a lot of guys had good at-bats, good job."

And then, he smiled broadly, in a way that suggested we could have asked him a hundred different questions and never gotten an answer different from that one.

Per Roberto Duran of ESPN Radio 710:

Andre Ethier answer to every question "played a good game. I had good at-bats. Guys had a lot of fun. Kuroda pitched well"

Per Jim Alexander of the Press-Enterprise:

Not sure if Andre Ethier saw the movie. Not sure of much of anything in the way of deep thoughts Tuesday night, because after continuing his hot streak with three hits including a grand slam in the Dodgers' 8-5 victory over the Padres, Ethier put his mouth on automatic pilot.

"Played well. Had a lot of fun. Had some good at-bats, got some key hits, played well as a team," Ethier said.

Over, and over, and over.

In other news...

Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports called Kemp the best player in the National League so far this season, and examined whether or not that would translate into MVP voting. Kemp himself offered this: "I feel like it doesn’t matter what team you’re on, good or bad. It doesn’t say ‘MVP on a Winning Team.’ The best player should be the MVP."

Welcome back Josh Lindblom. The relief pitcher has been recalled by the Dodgers as Matt Guerrier has been placed on paternity leave, per AJ Cassavell of

Tom Hals of Reuters takes a look at Frank McCourt's long shot odds to keep the Dodgers.

Jeff Sullivan at Baseball Nation expanded on a Jayson Stark ESPN column on all the information available to teams in baseball, and how it has led to a downturn in run scoring.