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The Untouchable Kenley Jansen

The Dodgers even though they lost on Sunday have still been on fire for the last three weeks, going 15-4. However, they have lost ground in the National League West during that span, as the Arizona Diamondbacks have gone 16-4, tied with the Detroit Tigers for the best record in MLB during that time. These teams have been almost as hot as Kenley Jansen.

Jansen returned from the disabled list (for right shoulder inflammation) on June 18, and since then he has been the best reliever (this side of Craig Kimbrel) in baseball. In his last 22 appearances, Jansen has allowed just one run. He has allowed just six singles and 10 walks in his last 24 2/3 innings. During that span, Jansen has faced 90 batters, and struck out 42.

To put those 42 strikeouts by Jansen in perspective, he would rank second among Dodgers relief pitchers for the season, just four behind Matt Guerrier.

Since returning on August 26 after missing a month with an irregular heartbeat, Jansen has nearly pitched the equivalent of a complete game: 8 2/3 IP, three hits, one run, three walks, 16 strikeouts.

Jansen has faced the Diamondbacks six times in his career, and faced a total of 19 batters. He has allowed two singles (to Adam LaRoche and Kelly Johnson, both no longer around), a walk (to Stephen Drew), and no runs, and his struck out 13 of those 19 men he has faced.


Diamondbacks Dodgers
SS Bloomquist SS Gordon
2B Hill 1B Loney
RF Upton CF Kemp
C Montero RF Rivera
1B Goldschmidt 3B Miles
CF Young C Barajas
3B Roberts LF Sands
LF Parra 2B Carroll
P Saunders P Lilly

Game Time: 7:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket

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