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Dodgers Thursday Links: Clayton Kershaw Ejection Edition

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I don't think Rod Barajas will make any pancakes for Bill Welke anytime soon.
I don't think Rod Barajas will make any pancakes for Bill Welke anytime soon.

Thursday's Dodgers links delve into the Clayton Kershaw / Gerardo Parra battle from Wednesday night...

  • Rob Neyer at Baseball Nation has an animated GIF of the pitch that hit Parra, in case you haven't seen it.
  • Or you can watch the full video on
  • "Tim Tschida, chief of the series' umpiring crew, said after the game that a specific warning was not issued before the game and none was required," reported Jim Peltz in the LA Times. "Kershaw's pitch 'was intentional' and 'left over from last night,' Tschida said."
  • "The first at-bat I threw him all away and he hit a double," Kershaw said, per AJ Casavell of "The next at-bat I've got to pitch him in. It's unfortunate ... I understand they have a job to do, but at the same time just pay attention to the game and understand what's going on."
  • A suspension wouldn't cost Kershaw a start, but it would mean his final start of the season would come in Arizona. "The final two games of this series left a bad taste in a lot of other mouths besides Kershaw's. So it might be a mistake to assume this is over," wrote Tony Jackson at ESPN LA.
  • "It was a stupid move by him (Kershaw). I thought he was better. He was the one who was talking crap (Tuesday). I don't know. We'll see him next time," Diamondbacks catcher Miguel Montero told Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic.
  • "We were told that if they thought there was any intent that we would be ejected and there would be some suspensions," Arizona pitcher Daniel Hudson told Steve Gilbert of "I don't think Clayton did anything on purpose. A pitch just got away from him and unfortunately it was to the wrong guy, the guy who was in the middle of everything [Tuesday]."

On to a pair who really deserve a brushback pitch or two...

And finally...