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Old Friend McDonald Comes To Town

Old friend James McDonald makes his return to Los Angeles on Saturday, making his first start against his old team, as the Dodgers battle the Pirates at Dodger Stadium. McDonald hasn't really been anything special this season, but then again, neither has his mound opponent tonight, Ted Lilly.

Pitcher Starts IP H R ER HR BB SO ERA ERA+ FIP xFIP fWAR rWAR Salary
Lilly 30 172.1 161 87 84 28 46 139 4.39 84 4.45 4.05 0.7 0.8 $7,500,000
McDonald 29 163.0 163 78 74 22 74 135 4.09 95 4.60 4.42 0.5 2.1 $443,000



Tim Federowicz makes his second career start for the Dodgers tonight.

Pirates Dodgers
LF Presley SS Gordon
SS d'Arnaud 2B Sellers
CF McCutchen CF Kemp
1B Lee LF Rivera
RF Ludwick 1B Loney
3B Wood
3B Miles
2B Harrison
RF Sands
C McKenry C Federowicz
P McDonald P Lilly

Game Time: 7:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket

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