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Casey Blake 2011 Prognostication Review

Every spring TBLA writes up a player preview for just about every player expected to play in 2011, and ask TBLA members to give us their prognostications on what that player will do.

On March 13th Eric Stephen wrote up the Casey Blake preview, with Casey now down for the year let us take a look at what our members felt he'd do.

Casey Blake's Final 2011 Line:

239 Plate Appearances

Ten Doubles, one Triple, four home runs

32 Runs Scores, 26 Runs Batted In

.252 / .342 / .371 BA / OB / Slug%

The four below I felt were the closest. You tell me who you think nailed it, I'm going with Little Blue and SilverWidow as co-winners because they nailed the average, drop in slug, and most importantly the at bats.


.235/.305/.385 in 200 PA. He won’t get through the season without serious time out.

by Little Blue Bicycle on Mar 13, 2011 7:23 AM PST actions

Nailed the OB but was to optimistic on the Slug and playing time

.663 OPS against RHP last lear in over 400 plate appearances

If not for his stellar work against LHP he would really have been a drag. I think by the all-star game he is a platoon player, so 402 at bats, .259/.323/.420 with most of his damage again coming against LHP.

by Phil Gurnee on Mar 13, 2011 11:32 AM PDT actions

To many starts hurts this call but the numbers line up.

109 starts at 3B, .252 / .322 / .409, option not picked up.

@davidyoungtbla - The commenter formerly known as El Lay Dave.

by David Young on Mar 13, 2011 4:34 PM PDT actions

As a group we did not have many Casey Blake prognostications, the ones we did have were mostly negative and closer to correct then what Zips / Marcel / Bill James projected. In this case the TBLA group clearly defeated the experts.

Hats off to the TBLA members who beat the experts.