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Checking In On Matt Kemp & The Triple Crown

Matt Kemp was safe.
Matt Kemp was safe.

As the Dodgers prepare to battle the Braves Saturday night in Atlanta, looking for their sixth straight win, let's take a look at how Matt Kemp stacks up in the National League triple crown categories. These are through Friday's games:

Batting Average Home Runs RBI
Jose Reyes .333 Albert Pujols 34 Prince Fielder 105
Ryan Braun .332 Matt Kemp 31 Ryan Howard 104
Joey Votto .323 Prince Fielder 31 Matt Kemp 102
Matt Kemp .321 Mike Stanton 31 Troy Tulowitzki 96
Daniel Murphy .320 Dan Uggla 31 Ryan Braun 91


Just for fun, let's check in on runs scored and stolen bases, too:

Runs Stolen Bases
Ryan Braun 93 Michael Bourn 49
Albert Pujols 90 Matt Kemp 37
Joey Votto 90 Drew Stubbs 36
Matt Kemp 89 Jose Reyes 35
Justin Upton 89 Emilio Bonifacio 33


The last Dodger to lead the National League in...

  • Batting average was Tommy Davis, at .326 in 1963
  • Home runs was Adrian Beltre, with 48 in 2004
  • RBI was Tommy Davis, with 153 in 1962
  • Runs was Brett Butler, with 112 in 1991

These are the only Los Angeles Dodgers to lead the league in these categories. Davis led the NL in batting average in both 1962 and 1963. The last Dodger to lead the league in steals was Davey Lopes, with 63 thefts in 1976.

There have only been nine Dodgers since moving to Los Angeles with 100 runs and 100 RBI in the same season. The last was Jeff Kent, who had 100 runs and 105 RBI in 2005.

Game Time: 4:10 p.m.


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