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Dodgers, Nats Postponed...Again

Remember earlier Wednesday, when we all thought tonight's game between the Dodgers and Nationals was postponed? Then the game was back on again? Well, it has been postponed again.

The two teams will play a doubleheader on Thursday beginning at 10:05 a.m. PDT. Dana Eveland and Chien-Ming Wang will start Game 1, followed by Chad Billingsley and Ross Detwiler in Game 2. Weather permitting, of course.

Once again we turn to shortstop Dee Gordon to aptly summarize the day:

Game off, psyke! Game on psyke again!! Ok game back off lol!!! What a day

Apparently I've been spelling psyke wrong my whole life!

But more importantly, with the rest of the night without baseball, let us turn to former Dodgers radio affiliate KFI 640 AM, who delivers only the hardest-hitting news stories:

#1 single of 20th century, according to Nielsen SoundScan, is Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

Science confirms what we've known all along.