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Dodger MVP

Nope, this is not about Matt Kemp, this is about the Dodgers making some solid decisions trying to bring back the endangered season ticket holder.

Besides lowering prices this past winter, they have added a few new wrinkles all centered around this magic called the Dodger MVP Card.

The benefits:

1. Early entry to Dodger Stadium to watch Dodger batting practice

2. Opportunity to play catch on field after five select home games

3. MVP card members can move freely throughout all levels of the stadium from Top Deck to Field Level

Many have been clamoring for the 1st benefit, and it makes perfect sense. I am a bit puzzled by the 3rd benefit. If I can move freely throughout the stadium, wouldn't I be better off simply buying top deck tickets and moving down to the empty field level seats to watch the game? Awesoke:)