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Dodgers Avoid Arbitration With Andre Ethier

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The Dodgers avoided arbitration with Andre Ethier, signing him to a one-year deal worth $10.95 million, plus performance bonuses per his agency, CAA. Ethier made $9.25 million 2011 in the final year of a two-year, $15.25 million contract signed before the 2010 season.

Those performance bonuses for Ethier can total up to $50,000, per Tony Jackson of ESPN LA. Ethier gets $25,000 for 600 plate appearances, and $25,000 more for 625 plate appearances. Last week I guessed a 2012 salary of $13 million for Ethier. I was way off. It looks like Ted Lilly will be the highest paid Dodger in 2012.

Ethier's $10.95 salary in 2012 is the ninth highest single season salary by a Dodgers outfielder.

Highest Single Season Salary, Dodgers Outfielders
Outfielder Year Base Salary Incl. Bonus Comment
Manny Ramirez 2009 $25 million $25 million reduced via suspension
Manny Ramirez 2010 $20 million $20 million
Andruw Jones 2009 $17.1 million $19.6 million spread out through 2014
Andruw Jones 2008 $14.1 million $16.6 million
Shawn Green 2003 $15 million $15.67 million
Shawn Green 2002 $12.75 million $13.42 million
Shawn Green 2001 $11.5 million $12.17 million
J.D. Drew 2006 $11 million $11.4 million
Andre Ethier 2012 $10.95 million ???

Shawn Green also made $16 million in 2004 ($16.67 million if you prorate his $4 million signing bonus over his six-year contract), but he moved first base that season. Matt Kemp makes $10 million in 2012, but he joins the party in 2013, as the final seven years of his contract pay Kemp between $21 and $22 million each season.

The Dodgers have $72.6 million committed to 15 players in 2012, plus a little over $22.2 million in dead money, paid to players no longer on the roster. Don't be surprised if Ethier isn't the only settlement today. James Loney and Clayton Kershaw are also arbitration eligible.