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Dodgers Contract Incentives

Chris Capuano will earn an additional $75,000 if he pitches 160 innings in 2012.
Chris Capuano will earn an additional $75,000 if he pitches 160 innings in 2012.

Now that Andre Ethier and James Loney have avoided arbitration, the Dodgers have 16 players under contract in 2012, with Clayton Kershaw soon to be number 17 at some point in the next month. Both Ethier and Loney have performance bonuses built into their contracts, as do several Dodgers.

Here is a look at the performance bonuses on the books that we know of for the 2012 Dodgers:

2012 Dodgers Contract Incentives
Player Maximum Bonus Comment
James Loney $125,000 for between 585-650 PA
Mark Ellis $125,000 for between 500-600 PA
Juan Rivera $500,000 for between 400-600 PA
Andre Ethier $50,000 for between 600-625 PA
Adam Kennedy $150,000 for between 325-450 PA
Chris Capuano $375,000 for between 160-195 IP*
Totals $1,325,000

Capuano also has a cumulative bonus of $250,000 if he pitches 360 innings combined in 2012-2013. Aaron Harang doesn't have performance bonuses directly, but his vesting option for 2014 fluctuates in value depending on his innings total the next two seasons.

In case you were wondering, the Dodgers paid $1 million in incentives last season: $500,000 to Hiroki Kuroda, $400,000 to Jamey Carroll, and $100,000 to Aaron Miles. That was out of a possible $6.925 million had everyone achieved their maximum incentives.

For complete details on performance bonuses like these, or any other news relating to the Dodgers' payroll, you can view our payroll worksheet, which is always linked on the right sidebar of the site as well.