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2011 Fab Five Results

Michael usually writes the Fab Five story in February and since it has been about a year, we thought it might be a good time to display last years results.

Based upon hand counting so numbers may be off by one or two, about 63 ballots were cast. Might have been more but what we do know is that Kershaw was on 63 ballots and all numbers are based on that starting point. If you want to get more scientific feel free to peruse the above thread and do the count yourself.

Kershaw received 39 1st place votes

Billingsley received 13 top spot votes and was on 46 ballots

Matt Kemp received 8 1st place votes and was on 46 ballots

Kuo received 5 1st place votes and was on 45 ballots

Andre Ethier received 3 number one votes and was 34 ballots

Hiroki Kuroda received four 2nd place votes and was on 24 ballots

Rafy Furcal received three 2nd place votes and was on 18 ballots

Kenley Jansen received one 1st place vote, two 2nd place votes and was on 17 ballots

Big Jon Broxton received one 1st place vote, and was on 14 ballots

James Loney received one 1st place vote, and was on 13 ballots

Jamey Carrol was on seven ballots

Casey Blake was on six ballots

Mr. Padilla received one 1st place vote on five ballots

Jerry Sands was on three ballots

Gibbons, Guerrier, and Hoffman all managed to make one ballot.

Should be big changes this year, with long time Fab Five members Kuo, Kuroda, and Broxton saying good bye. Also gone are Furcal, Carroll, Blake, Padilla, Hoffman, and Gibbons.

Of the 17 players who received a vote nine of them are gone. Can't imagine any of the new members of the team cracking the list. I'd expect the average Fab Five this year will be Kershaw, Kemp, Andre, Jansen, and an assortment of whackjobs as players like Sands, Gordon, Rubby, Rivera, Ellis & Ellis, Uribe, TGJ, Guerra, Lilly, and Capang try to weasel their way into your hearts.

Name Points
Kershaw 275
Billingsley 161
Kuo 130
Kemp 140
Andre 87
Kuroda 63
Furcal 34
Jansen 38
Blake 27
Loney 11
Sands 5
Broxton 32
Padilla 10
Carroll 14
Gibbons 1
Guerrier 4
Hoffman 1