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Andre Ethier, On Wounded Knee

Andre Ethier was interviewed by Mark Willard of ESPN Radio 710 in Los Angeles, and spoke about the knee injury that limited the right fielder to 11 home runs in 135 games and cut short season in early September:

"I've kind of dealt with this knee thing for the past two years, put it off for one off-season and then last season it just became a thing where a lot of things started multiplying and getting worse and something where I couldn't quite get back my swing … It was very frustrating and I learned a lot from that."

Ethier also expressed frustration at the Dodgers for not participating in any big free agent signings this winter, but noted, "Obviously it's going to get better from here on out because of the [sale] and getting new people in there." The interview will air on Saturday at 11:30 a.m. PST, which by then will make it about as fresh and timely as an interview by Lee 'Hacksaw' Hamilton.


Clayton Kershaw caught up with Domingo Ayala (@DomingoBeisbol on Twitter) recently, and the two took part in a bullpen session together, and had a press conference for an upcoming "challenge" (hat tip to Xeifrank for the link):


I can't thank you enough for the overwhelming amount of support you all showed me yesterday. I have written here at True Blue LA for over three years, and I'm thankful to have all of you as loyal readers and integral members of the community. There is nothing I love doing more than writing about the Dodgers, and about sports in general. Now, thanks to a freelance writing job I have taken, I will now have even more time to devote to doing a job I love.

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