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Prospective Owners Pared Down: Gilbert, Cuban Are Out

According to Bill Shaikin, Frank McCourt has eliminated several prospective owners including Dennis Gilbert and Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban was eliminated from the Dodgers' ownership sweepstakes Friday, along with baseball executive and former agent Dennis Gilbert, according to two people familiar with the process but not authorized to discuss it.

The remaining bidders will now be vetted by MLB. Interestingly enough McCourt just saved GIlbert, Cuban, and whoever else did not make the final cut, $25,000 since they no longer need to pay MLB the investigation cost of a bid.

No word on if the darkest horse Josh Macciello is still in the running.

Not a surprise that Cuban is out given that Frank expects to sell the team for 1.5 Billion. Cuban may be flamboyant but at heart he's a self made businessman who knows value and it is doubtful the Dodgers at 1.5 Billion is value. As Cuban said back in November

"I don't think the Dodgers franchise is worth twice what the Rangers are worth," Cuban told The Times in November.

With the sale price supposed to reach at least 1.5 Billion that would make the Dodgers worth almost three times the value of Rangers who sold for $593 million.