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Los Angeles Dodger Owner Handicapping

When the announcement came down early this that week that Joe Torre was partnering up with Rick Caruso, Daily News columnist Tom Hoffarth decided to handicap the potential owners. I have no idea if Tom is correct on how he handicapped them, but this is a good place to find out who all the players are as we look toward Jan 23rd.

Then again, it does beg the obvious question: Where were all these supposed heavy hitters about eight years ago when Frank and Jamie McCourt seemed to be the only option that baseball commissioner Bud Selig had when it came to handing over the keys to Dodger Stadium?

Tom thinks the recent Torre/Caruso group has the best chance of winning.

I was curious if the TBLA community would like to get involved in this. Looking for volunteers to write a fanpost about each group that would eventually find their way to the front page.

Joe Torre / Rick Caruso

Magic Johnson / Stan Kasten / Guggenheim Baseball Management

Larry King / Dennis Gilbert / Imperial Capital

Steve Cohen

Peter O Malley

Orel Hershiser / Steve Garvey

Fred Claire

Mark Cuban

Time Warner