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Dodgers September review: Great finish to a frustrating month

Despite stellar pitching during the month, the Dodgers needed a hot streak at the end of the month just to finish above .500 in September. The offense was the culprit.

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Despite a seemingly stacked lineup, the Dodgers in September resembled their 2003 squad at times. The club was second in baseball in runs allowed per game, but were just 25th in runs scored per game.

The Dodgers needed a hot streak at the end of the month just to finish above .500. Was it too little, too late? The next three days will tell whether or not this club end will up like 2003, watching the playoffs at home, too.

Despite a 2.87 ERA from the starters in the month, the Dodgers got just six wins from their starting pitchers, including 20 straight games without one. Meanwhile, relief pitcher Ronald Belisario was 5-0 during the month.

Dodger Batter of September: Thanks to a hot final two weeks, Adrian Gonzalez had a relatively solid month, easily rising above the stench of the rest of the offense. Five starters had on-base percentages below .300.

Dodger Pitcher of September: While relatively new guys Josh Beckett and Joe Blanton both had stellar months, and Brandon League claimed the closer spot with a very good month, the award goes to Clayton Kershaw, who allowed three runs in four starts.

September Record: 14-12
91 runs scored (3.50 per game)
80 runs allowed (3.08 per game)
.559 pythagorean winning percentage (15-11)

September National League West Standings
Club W-L Pct GB RS RA
Giants 19-8 .704 --- 142 106
Dodgers 14-12 .538 91 80
Diamondbacks 14-12 .538 137 116
Padres 13-13 .500 125 136
Rockies 9-20 .310 11 127 161

Record Through September 30: 84-75
626 runs scored (3.94 per game)
590 runs allowed (3.71 per game)
.527 pythagorean winning percentage (84-75)

National League West Standings Through Sept. 30
Club W-L Pct GB RS RA
Giants 93-66 .585 --- 711 638
Dodgers 84-75 .528 9 626 590
Diamondbacks 80-79 .503 13 723 676
Padres 75-84 .472 18 638 695
Rockies 62-97 .390 31 746 879

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Month Ahead: The Dodgers have just three regular season games left, and a five percent chance of playing beyond that.

September Stats

I had the post all written, with statistics included, but much like the the Dodgers' September it was ultimately disappointing as none of it was saved. So here are the links to the Dodgers' stats for the month: