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Dodgers, Diamondbacks reportedly in talks to open 2014 season in Australia

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The Dodgers and Diamondbacks might open the 2014 regular season with three games at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Too bad for the Dodgers that Trent Oetljen is now a free agent
Too bad for the Dodgers that Trent Oetljen is now a free agent
Jennifer Hilderbrand-US PRESSWIRE

The Dodgers and Diamondbacks are reportedly in talks to open the 2014 MLB regular season in Austrialia, per a report from the Sydney Morning Herald. The three-game series would be played at the Sydney Cricket Ground.

Too bad Trent Oeltjen opted for free agency on Oct. 6.

''If we can get Major League Baseball's season opener, which we're working on, in a couple of years' time at the SCG, it will really put the game on the map,'' said Sydney Blue Sox chairman Bob Turner. ''Especially if we can get the LA Dodgers to come, where Magic Johnson is the spokesman-owner. That would be great for the game to give us a profile no other sport can really match.''

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the Sunday game of the three-game regular season series will be scheduled for 8 p.m. in the United States, presumably Eastern time.

The Dodgers have not opened a season outside of North America, though they did play games during spring training recently in China (in 2008) and Taiwan (in 2010).

Ken Gurnick of reported that the Dodgers have not yet commented on the story.

Aside from Oeltjen, the Dodgers have had Australian players Luke Prokopec, Craig Shipley, and Jeff Williams play for them, and had pitcher Shane Lindsay in spring camp this season.