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Baseball season comes to an end

The offseason is now here. Damn.

Stephen Dunn

This hasn't been the best week for the rooting interest of most Dodgers fans. The week began with one more chance for the St. Louis Cardinals to eliminate the great enemy of the north, but they failed on Monday.

The Cardinals whiffed in three attempts to eliminate their opponent in the National League Championship Series, as did the Cincinnati Reds in the National League Division Series. The Reds even had three home games to do so, but instead lost three straight at the Great American Ball Park for the first time all season.

The Detroit Tigers, who carved through the New York Yankees with relative east in the American League Championship Series, stepped up next in line to try and vanquish the foes, but did not do anything of the sort.

It was enough to frustrate Tigers ace Justin Verlander on Wednesday in Game 1.

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap when another team gets it done when they need to. Not that it hasn't been frustrating.

Sometimes life, unlike that ball, isn't fair.

Free agents become free agents tomorrow. Options get declined this week. Next game is Feb. 23. We'll be waiting.

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