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Kyuji Fujikawa reportedly met with Dodgers (and others) last week

The 32-year old closer had a 1.24 ERA last season for the Hanshin Tigers in Japan, with 58 strikeouts in 47⅔ innings.

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The Dodgers were one of many teams who visited with free agent pitcher Kyuji Fujikawa last week, looking to add another arm to their bullpen, per multiple reports.

The Angels are one of the other teams in pursuit of the 32-year old closer, who returned to Japan on Sunday. Per Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times, Fujikawa was impressed with Anaheim, telling reporters, "I was very impressed with the way the Angels welcomed me. I had never been treated like that."

DiGiovanna reported that Fujikawa met with the Angels Saturday, which was one day after the relief pitcher met with the Baltimore Orioles. Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun has details of the meeting in Baltimore, which included a quote from general manager Dan Duquette that sounds like it came from a robot:

"He is a professional pitcher," Duquette said.

Both DiGiovanna and Connolly, along with Ken Gurnick of, reported that Fujikawa met with the Diamondbacks and Cubs. Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News reported on Friday that the Rangers had scouted the pitcher but it was unknown whether or not they met with the pitcher.

Gurnick noted that the Dodgers did not confirm the meeting with Fujikawa.

Fujikawa is a free agent and not subject to a posting fee. The various reports linked above describe his stuff from "a low-90s fastball with late life" to "a 93-mph fastball with a split-fingered fastball and slider" to simply "a mid-90s mph fastball."

Bradley Woodrum had a glowing article in September about Fujikawa, which included this quote from an MLB scout:

"Closer, maybe. Maybe a quality set-up man,” the scout from the NL team said. “I’m concerned about him pitching up in the zone all of the time. In the U.S., if you start throwing high, they’ll wait for that high pitch, and the hitters in America have more power than the Japanese. So he better start pitching low.”

He had a 1.24 ERA with 41 saves last season for the Hanshin Tigers, with 58 strikeouts in 47⅔ innings. His career ERA in Japan is a miniscule 1.79, with 11.88 strikeouts per nine innings in 12 seasons, all with Hanshin.

Here is video, albeit nearly three years old, of Fujikawa's delivery and multiple pitches: