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11/2/12 AFL recap: Pederson returns to action

Joc goes 0 for 3, but plays in his first game since October 23rd

The Solar Sox lost again on Friday as they fell to Peoria 7 to 5, but the good news for Dodger fans is that Joc Pederson was in the lineup for the first time since October 23rd. While the youngster went 0 for 3 as the DH, it's great news to see him back in action. Rafael Ynoa was the only other Dodger to have success in the Mesa lineup as he went 1 for 4 with a RBI and a stolen base, although Griff Erickson reached base 3 times thanks to a trio of walks.

Aaron Westlake's (Tigers) double was the club's only extra base hit of the day, although Nick Castellanos went 3 for 4. L.J. Hoes and Jiovanni Mier both had a pair of hits in the loss.

On the mound starter Mike Wright (Orioles) allowed 5 runs over 3 innings, although only 2 of those runs were earned thanks to a couple of errors. A quartet of relievers finished the game, including Eric Eadington who struck out 3 batters in 1.1 innings yet gave up a run as he permitted 3 hits and a walk.

Coming up: The AFL Rising Stars game is tomorrow, and it can be seen live on the MLB channel. Joc Pederson is the only Dodger participating in the game, and after missing more than a week of play he seems to be ready to play for the AFL East team.