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Dodgers links: Chris Reed opens up

The Dodgers' 2011 first round draft pick talked with FanGraphs about his various setbacks in 2012, from blisters to shoulder soreness to innings limits.


Catching up on a few Dodgers-related links of the past few days...

David Lauria of FanGraphs caught up with Dodgers pitching prospect Chris Reed, the team's first round pick in 2011 out of Stanford. Reed said it was shoulder soreness that sidelined him for three weeks in May, and talked about how his innings were limited after that (he pitched three innings or less in 11 of his last 14 appearances, and four innings in the other three starts):

It was basically the setback I had in May. That’s what started it, and maybe I just came out of the gate a little too hot. I wasn’t used to [starting] and was throwing too much in between starts. Because of that, they wanted to take things cautious and make sure I made the necessary adjustments to pro ball. From there, it was a decision by upper management to leave me at three innings. I was going to build up from there, but then I experienced some blisters.

Steve Dilbeck at the Los Angeles Times told a heartwarming tale of an 11-year old and an errant bat from September at Dodger Stadium. Dilbeck also continued his offseason Dodger reviews with Aaron Harang.

Ken Gurnick recounted the Dodgers' 2012 for, and ranked his top five moments of the year for the franchise.

Scott Miller at CBS Sports notes the staggering sale price of the Dodgers in his year end review and wonders why baseball isn't getting more national play.

Grant Brisbee at Baseball Nation looked back on his favorite GIFs of 2012, and high on the list was Dee Gordon getting erased at second base on a steal attempt by an absolutely perfect throw from Cardinals' catcher Yadier Molina on Sept. 13. That was a memorable throw.

Marc Hulet at FanGraphs back on Christmas Eve ranked the Dodgers' top 15 prospects, including Reed at number two.

Dodgers sunk cost Andruw Jones was arrested on Christmas morning at his home for battery. Per police records obtained by the Associated Press, his wife Nicole "accused him of dragging her down a staircase, grabbing her neck and saying wanted to kill her."