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Zack Greinke signing: They just did it

The story of a true demented genius, and how one commenter was simply ahead of his time.

"Son, we need you to change jerseys. The equipment manager spelled 'Granick' wrong."
"Son, we need you to change jerseys. The equipment manager spelled 'Granick' wrong."

On the night the Dodgers reached an agreement with Zack Greinke on the largest contract ever given to a right-handed pitcher, it's time we give credit where credit is due.

One man's insane ramblings, nonsensical at times, perhaps should be viewed in a new light.

Our first glimpse of the man known as SPC7 came on Sept. 6, 2009, when in a comment in an article about Randy Wolf picking up his 100th career win our Nostradamus let loose his true desire:

I have been a fan since 1959!!!!!—wow im old-anyway I love this Dodger team-Ive said for awhile we just needed a #1 starter and then we get Padilla and Garland not #1s but veryvery good for u s Colletti is really doing a great job and Even Torre is happy-I really think the Dodgers will do t this year -Iknow the Cards are tuff —but we can-And it will be so nice to see the Angels and the Dodgers in the world sieries-maybe then the Doders will beat the Angels!-but I kinda think the Angels will win-either way I think this will be a great year fo us —So far it has been fantastic-And to hear Vin Scully do the world sieries again!!!!
He is the greatest that has ever lived
———Final note-put the DH in the NL——-!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The use of the dash was inspired — was SPC trying to secretly send us another message in Morse Code too? — but often led to much of his comment to be stricken through.

But it wasn't until Jan. 21, 2010, when SPC began to zero in on his target:

Im glad we got Padillia—I would still check out Wang- we shouldnt have traded Pierre-We need another player like Pierre-Manny is older-start the season with what we have and keep an eye out to trade for a number one starter-see what mcdonald will do-maybe even check out Pedro martinez-but he probably wants too much-Wang could be the one or also see what Ben Sheets wants—I would really go after Zack from KC-put together a good trade package even 4 top rookies or young players for him

Zack from KC? What would it take to get him? On Feb. 20, SPC had an answer:

how about these trades
Mcdonald-Kuo-Stultz-Wade-Haeger—for any of these 4——Zack (kc)-Santana (Mets) Verlander (tigers) Weinright (Cards)——all #1 starters!!! all dodger rookies are paid the minimum $400,000

Then on Feb. 28, 2010, during spring training, SPC reiterated his desire:

weaver-gagne and blake all should make the tteam—menkawitz also—-we still need a big #1 starter—just trade for him-get the zack guy from KC-even if we give up 5 guys for him-we have the rookies that KC needs-its a better gamble than paying millions for the likes of Schmidt and Andrew Jones

The Zack guy? Could you elaborate, SPC?

Stultz-Belesario-Elbert-Dejesus-Repko all for Zack Granick at KC-this would be very good for Kc also—all 5 could start for them now or very very soon

Ah, Zack Granick. Now that makes sense. Surely your generous five-for-one offer will be enough to acquire this fictional character of some renown.

Then on Mar. 4, 2010, SPC pressed on:

Karuda should do fine-maybe win 15 games—but the dodgers should go after zack @ KC—trae stultz ans 4 other rookies and KC might do it
with Zack the dodgers would be set for a good start ans might get past the phils this year

The Zack of course was Greinke, then on the Royals. Surely Kansas City would be blown away by the offer of Eric Stults and "4 other rookies." SPC pressed on:

use stultz and 4 of these to get Zack @ KC—they just might do it!

They just might do it.

Finally, a rallying cry. Unfortunately the Royals, nor the Dodgers, did it, but that didn't stop our intrepid ace collector. Fast forward to Mar. 24, 2010:

Why in the world dont we trade for a#1 starter? Zack Granick? give up some rookie talent for him. Make it worth KC to take a look at it? Stultz-McDonald-Haeger and maybe 2 more? Dont tell me this would not be good for both teams

I agree unless we trade for a #1 starter—Zack Granick

Having—Zack -Kershaw-Billingsly-Padilla for the next 4 or 5 years? Fine with me and plenty of time to develope more talent too

Well, it may have taken three seasons longer than SPC7 may have liked, but the Dodgers finally have their man, Granick Greinke, and it didn't take four or five players, only money.

Consider yourself unbanned, SPC7. Now, we just have to think of a new Twitter handle for Keith.