True Blue Los Angeles Fantastical Base Ball League

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and those who've yet to decide, to the 2012 TBLA Fantasy Baseball League! It's going to be fun, it's going to be awesome, it's going to be super great.

Start here. The league name is True Blue Los Angeles (ID# 22409), our custom URL is The password is drematic.

It's a head to head league, with a live draft. The draft will be Thursday, March 1st at 8pm. There is a limit of 12 teams, so I'll update this fanpost as teams are taken. An FYI on the first week:

The Major League Baseball season opens this season on March 28, with the Mariners and Athletics playing a two-game series in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, Yahoo! has combined those two games with the abbreviated opening week for all other teams that begins with the Cardinals-Marlins game on April 4.

Week 1 of the Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head season will run from March 28-April 8.


Ladies and Gentlemen we're full! Super proud y'all, like a peacock. If someone wants to create a second TBLA league, Yahoo! (an SBNation partner) makes it super easy, but I will not be commissioning two leagues. The league is as follows:

  • Hollywood Stars (Josie Becker)
  • OC Batmans of LA (nolander)
  • Houston Memes (Nolij)
  • The Kyle Russells (IVDown)
  • Ya Blue It! (funkyjam)
  • Downs Syndrome (IIIDown)
  • Powers of a Mod (David Young)
  • Frogtown Tadpoles
  • Soccer Rules (Xeifrank)
  • Inverted W's (GScott)
  • Doobie Snacks (skunkburner)
  • Eric's Pimp Suit (Taylor Marcie)

Teams are now locked, this was done so that I could set a randomly selected draft order. If you currently have a team and wish to leave the league, you'll have to let me know so I can unlock it. The draft order is as follows:

  1. Powers of a Mod
  2. Soccer Rules
  3. Hollywood Stars
  4. Doobie Snacks
  5. Frogtown Tadpoles
  6. Downs Syndrome
  7. Ya Blue It!
  8. The Kyle Russells
  9. Eric's Pimp Suit
  10. Inverted W's
  11. OC Batmans of LA
  12. Houston Memes

It's a snaking order, so those who picked last in the first round will pick first in the second round. First picks are rarely a surprise in the draft, and again the order was randomly produced by Yahoo!, but I wouldn't plan on Powers of a Mod going insane and passing on Matt Kemp with the first pick.

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