TBLA Fantasy Baseball: Mountain Edition

Were you too slow (physically, not mentally) to get in on the Old Hoss Radbournesquely named True Blue Los Angeles Fantastical Base Ball league? Did you curse the heavens while getting down on your knees and screaming like Charlie Sheen in Platoon for missing out on such a great opportunity?

Well, you're in luck. Another soccer fanatic has decided to start a TBLA baseball fantasy league and is here to invite you to join the 12-team, head to head league with a live draft on Wednesday, February 29. Why that date? Because how many times do you get a chance to do something on February 29? Once every four years or so?

Anyway, go below the fold for the details.

To join, just click on this link and fill out the information needed.

If that doesn't work, the league ID number is '41640' and the password is 'maybekit.' No, the punctuation is not part of the ID number or password. That would be silly.

And stealing from Josie, here is the info on the first week of the season:

The Major League Baseball season opens this season on March 28, with the Mariners and Athletics playing a two-game series in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, Yahoo! has combined those two games with the abbreviated opening week for all other teams that begins with theCardinals-Marlins game on April 4.

Week 1 of the Fantasy Baseball Head-to-Head season will run from March 28-April 8.


Here is the draft order:

  1. Paris Dodger Germain (Jojo93160)
  2. El Pelone
  3. Either Ethier (eitherethier)
  4. NedColletti
  5. Glendale Bus Dodgers (riffraffselbow)
  6. Good Time Boys (funkyjam)
  7. Kubo (nihon10s)
  8. Turd Sandwiches
  9. Dee Gordon's Flattop (courts1686267)
  10. The 4down Experience (ivdown)
  11. Megabison (DodgerOfTrolleys)
  12. Valencia Hitmen (The Stuntmen)
  13. Elysian Park Echos
  14. Burqueño (fbihop)

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