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The Winter Of Ned

Ned Colletti was back in Dodgers camp Monday at Camelback Ranch, one night after what he called "a once in a lifetime opportunity" attending the Academy Awards in Los Angeles. Colletti sat in the fourth row of the Kodak Theater during the Oscars, and was shown on the telecast on at least two occasions.

Colletti said he figured he must have been on television since he received about 70 text messages about 15 minutes into the broadcast. Colletti was also seen on the telecast during the Best Actress presentation, clearly visible over the left shoulder of nominated actress Michelle Williams.

Colletti was at the event as a guest of Tom Sherak, the President of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Sherak and Colletti became friends through Peter Tilden of KABC radio, on whose program Colletti made regular appearances when KABC was the Dodgers broadcast partner. Colletti and Sherak were part of a group of eight who would meet monthly for lunch, a group that included Tilden, President of KABC Bob Moore, Dr. David Kipper, actor Jason Alexander, Los Angeles mayoral candidate Austin Beutner, and Michael Franzese.

Talk about an eclectic roundtable!

Colletti said the group has done philanthropic work together in the past, including the Chicago concert last October 22, benefiting Guide Dogs of America. Colletti would donate his appearance money for his KABC guest spots to the charity, and Tilden asked Colletti of his favorite band. A few weeks later, Chicago was on board with the plan and the concert was scheduled.

In a move that perhaps could be seen as a George Costanza-esque opposite day approach, Colletti said he liked the movie Moneyball, opining, "it had a realistic tone to it." Colletti wasn't necessarily starstruck at the Oscars, but he said he would have liked to meet Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, though he didn't get the chance to on Sunday night. Longtime Dodgers scout Artie Harris played a scout in Moneyball, and Colletti said it was nice to see him Sunday night during the Oscars in the clips from the movie.

Asked if there were any other events he wanted to check off of his bucket list, Colletti said there was only one, a World Series parade. "That's the only one I really wanted to do before I got here," Colletti said.