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Dodgers 2012 Minor League Spring Training Schedule

You can get up close and watch Dodgers minor leaguers in games beginning on Sunday.
You can get up close and watch Dodgers minor leaguers in games beginning on Sunday.

Here is the 2012 minor league spring training schedule. With minor league camp now open, it adds a new element to visitng spring training, as you can walk down to the minor league side and watch games and workouts. For 13 straight days beginning Sunday, there will be at least two minor league games each day at Camelback Ranch.

Each day, the Dodgers' minor leaguers play one organization. The two Class A squads stick together, as do the Double A and Triple A teams; when one group is home, the other is away. Here is the full schedule of Dodgers minor league games this spring:

Date Opponent AA/AAA Class A
Mar 18 Kansas City Camelback Ranch Surprise
Mar 19 Milwaukee Maryvale Camelback Ranch
Mar 20 Cleveland Camelback Ranch Goodyear
Mar 21
Cleveland Goodyear Camelback Ranch
Mar 22
Cincinnati Goodyear Camelback Ranch
Mar 23
Milwaukee Camelback Ranch Maryvale
Mar 24
White Sox Camelback Ranch CBR (Sox side)
Mar 25
Kansas City Surprise Camelback Ranch
Mar 26
Cincinnati Camelback Ranch Goodyear
Mar 27
Cleveland Camelback Ranch Goodyear
Mar 28
Texas Surprise Camelback Ranch
Mar 29
San Diego Peoria Camelback Ranch
Mar 30
Texas Camelback Ranch Surprise

All games are scheduled for 1 p.m.

Occasionally you might see major league players in these games. Usually the scenario would be a player coming back from an injury, needing more reps against live pitching, he might bat once per inning or something like that (the lineup rules for such things are quite flexible in spring training). Or a pitcher might be held back if he set to face a divisional opponent for a second or third time during the spring; on the day he is scheduled to pitch he might throw in a minor league game rather than the major league one.