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The Magic Hour - Some Late Night Links

Lots of stories on what happened on Tuesday.

Jon Weisman - Dodgers' to-do list is long -

Ownership of the Dodgers requires an ability to focus on the biggest of pictures and the smallest of details. And if the past few years showed anything, it's that Dodgers fans are sticklers for all of the above. One of the most perplexing aspects of the McCourt ownership is that from day one, Frank and Jamie played the fan base for saps, expecting it to buy into whatever pabulum they were selling like the folks of River City in "The Music Man." They never gave Dodgers fans credit for having a certain kind of truth detector.

Bill Plaschke - Magic is perfect fit for Dodgers - LA Times

Just like that, the Dodgers are credible again, promising again, connected to their city again.
Just like that, it's Magic.

Ramona Shelburne - Magic Johnson ends Dodger's Nightmare -

It felt, all along, like the Los Angeles Dodgers and their fans deserved an ending like the one they got Tuesday night when Frank McCourt agreed to sell the team to a group fronted by basketball legend Magic Johnson.

Nineteen Scattered Thoughts on New Ownership - Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness

Okay, let’s try to make sense of all this, because there is a LOT happening here; apologies in advance for the list format:

1. YAY! Yay. Yay. Yay. We’ve been waiting for this day since… well, I wanted to say since we learned about the divorce in October 2009, but that’s not accurate. We all had our issues with McCourt for years prior to that. Finally seeing him on his way out, well… it’s like Christmas multiplied by your birthday times twelve Super Bowls, plus kittens.