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Kenley Jansen Examined For Irregular Heartbeat, Cleared By Doctor


Dodgers reliever Kenley Jansen was sent to the hospital with a recurrence of an irregular heartbeat, the team announced Friday morning. Jansen, who missed a month last season after being hospitalized with an irregular heartbeat and the subsequent taking of blood thinning medication, complained of shortness of breath Thursday night and had heart palpitations, described as "fluttering."

The symptoms remained this morning when he reported to the Dodgers facility, and he was sent to Dodgers internist Dr. John Monroe as a precaution, given his history.

"Where this goes, I'm not quite sure," said manager Don Mattingly. "Sue [Falsone, head athletic trainer] said it could be nothing and he could be back here working out in 30 minutes, or it could be something we have to continue to monitor."

This is the first recurrence of an irregular heartbeat for Jansen, who said he changed his diet at the end of last season and through the offseason, limiting fatty foods and caffeine.

Jansen was cleared by Dr. Monroe for all baseball activities, and has returned to Camelback Ranch and is currently back on the practice fields. Jansen was scheduled to pitch for the Dodgers on Saturday night against the Chicago White Sox at Camelback Ranch, and as of now that is still the case.