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Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE
GO GO GO Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

A sad King Eric was frustrated with his abject poverty as he contemplated how to tribute the new Knight Kershaw who was going to be honored at the Chavez Ravine Temple for his grand deeds the previous summer. He had no trinkets to lay forth, his kingdom of True Blue was awash in useless knowledge but had little in the way of intrinsic value.

With a big sigh he knew what he had to do but was reluctant to use his powers, as his followers were a bitter bickering fickle flock who had other kingdoms they could change alliances to if he used his powers poorly. Still something had to be done, so the tweet was sent.

Put the mod's in action

ModCraig quickly tweeted that he was available, and that he had ModDavid in tow. With consternation King Eric noticed ModMeerkat also had said he would do what he could. King Eric was aghast, he had not counted on the ModMeerKat to be a follower. Nothing could be done other than to pray to Saint Scully and hope for the best.

The wet rain that had blanketed the blue basin ran out of steam around noon and gave way to a glorious spring day, the kind of day that poems are inspired by, love, and babies. It would be a good night to honor the newest Blue Knight.

The mods converged on the Chavez Ravine Temple from all corners of the blue basin. They did not have a star to guide them but their GPS did the trick. ModDavid who hails from the NorthWest, came from the South and refused to pay duty to the evil King Frank, and parked on Academy. ModMeerKat came from the West, and also refused to pay tribute, not because he had any problems with King Frank but because he simply was a cheap bastard, not by choice but because the North American Meerkat is born that way. ModCraig was simply lazy and paid the tribute so his task of surmounting the vaunting flights of concrete steps would be lessened.

In this way the BlueMods made their way into the Temple. ModKat was the first to arrive but since ModDavid and ModCraig did not really want to sit with him they refused to tell him where they were sitting. Yet he knew from previous sojourns the whereabouts so he placed himself in the general area. Eventually ModDavid showed up, saw ModMeerKat from afar but kept silent as he wanted no one around to notice he was eating four bluedogs. Luckily for him the ModMeerkat was oblivious to him until he had finished his feast. ModMeerkat ever weary of the tricks cast his eyes about and finally noticed ModDavid. With a skip to his step he quickly ran over to join his good friend. LIke a good friend ModDavid pretended to be happy that he had company and they settled into for the brief wait before ModCraig joined them.

ModCraig meant well but the seats he provided were in the high heavens. As the Blue Knight Kershaw was honored they did their best to honor him by beating their collective breasts but the thumping of flabby breasts was drowned out by the distance. The Blue Knight was gone and the three mod's were left to wonder if they had done enough to make the decent King Eric happy. Deep down they knew they had failed, again. It silently gnawed at them as none of them had the nerve to talk about it.

Each of them had noticed a strange feeling starting around the third mark of the contest. A sense of urgency was building, a tingling sensation they had felt before but couldn't remember when. Finally ModDavid voiced what they had all been thinking. We must get closer he said, we must leave the heavens, the ninety nine percent and join with the one percent. In unison they agreed and got up to take on the task of leaving the comfort zone for the ball zone. ModCraig was pleased as punch when he pulled out his new gold membership cards that allowed him to move freely from level to level. He gave one to ModDavid and they proceeded with the plan expecting ModKat to be left behind. Yet the Modkat had skills of his own and pinched a ticket from an unwary patron which would allow him to follow his fellow Mod's on their quest.

As the three blue Mod's started down the harrowing steps, an aura developed around them discernible to only the true believers. They were a motley crue who were short of statue, short of wisdom, with little life left. Why King Eric had chosen them for this task was as confusing as to why James Loney was allowed to hit against a Loogy when he had been benched in the first place because he could not hit left handers. In a word it was befuddling.

Yet this crew did have something. Combined they knew everything about the history of the Chavez Ravine Temple and the power of the temple sensed something within this trio and fed them with the energy to complete the task. As they entered the ball zone, a row of seats opened up for them and beckoned for them to take them. So they did. One by one they plopped into their seats and as they do so a power surge shifted from the seats through the asses to the tips of their fingers. They looked at each other in awe.

The other patrons felt something had changed and looked around and saw the three mod's. Some simply saw three short fans who looked like any other fans, but others saw more. They could see the blue aura hovering around them, they saw a glow, they saw knowledge. They felt hope.

In the eighth frame the young Gordon came to the plate and got on the base. With that action the trio realized why they were there. The old stadium infused them with the knowledge of what they needed to do. But who would lead them? ModDavid of course, he cupped his hand, and with all the training his karaoke had provided belted out the first cue. GO

ModKat quickly followed GO

ModCraig finished the crescendo with the final GO.

Quickly they realized this was a chant and in unison



Nothing happened

But everything happened.

Old men who had not heard the chant for 50 years woke up in their seats. Young girls who could scream anything realized they could scream something that meant something for the first time in their lives. Young boys who just wanted to make noise realized what a joy it was to yell that simple word.



again nothing happened, but with each chant more patrons felt moved to join the trio of Mod's.

King Eric noticed from atop his throne and stood up. The tyrant Simers bellowed for him to sit down but King Eric knew this was his time. He put out his hands and broke the law of the land.

GO GO GO he bellowed

GO GO GO his disciples screamed

GO GO GO his mod's chanted

and this time something did happen.

It wasn't Magic, it was Dodger Baseball

Be there