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All Sales Final - Judge Kevin Gross Approves Sale of Dodgers

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"Let me explain ... no, there is too much. Let me sum up."
-- Inigo Montoya from "The Princess Bride"

In what was seen a foregone conclusion, this evening, Judge Kevin Gross approved the sale of the Dodgers to the Guggenheim group and thus set in motion the coming of the 4th owner in LA Dodger history.

This sale process has gone remarkably smooth since Major League Baseball (MLB) and the Dodgers (McCourt) reached a settlement agreement that set the terms of the sale.

In fact the Judge had thought aside from a few rulings on some minor points, today would be a celebration of sorts.

As reported by Bill Shaikin in the LA Times:

The contentious debate seemed to surprise Judge Gross, who, as arguments grew tense, quipped, “I had no idea. I thought this was going to be a celebration-type occasion.”

The main issue appeared to be MLB trying to see more documents and to also try and gain back some things they had given away as part of their settlement agreement with McCourt.

Let there be no doubt, MLB made this bed (some say back when they allowed McCourt to buy the team) when they set forth the terms of this sale. By all accounts McCourt has followed the agreement so the odds on MLB changing the terms now seem rather far-fetched.

Are there still things I would like to know, sure two are the structure of the financing and how the joint venture that will own the land surrounding Dodger Stadium (parking lots) operates (and what McCourt gets from that deal).

But there are no guarantees we will ever really know those things.

One thing I do know, in a little more than 2 weeks, Frank McCourt will no longer own the Dodgers and the next magical era of Dodger baseball will begin.