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Matt Kemp Player Of The Week...Again

Matt Kemp is on pace for 97 home runs.
Matt Kemp is on pace for 97 home runs.

Matt Kemp...

September 19-25, 2011: 11-for-26, three home runs, seven RBI, nine runs in six games, .423/.444/.923

April 5-8, 2012: 7-for-17, two home runs, eight RBI, six runs in four games, .412/.389/.824

April 9-15, 2012: 12-for-22, four home runs, eight RBI, seven runs scored in six games, .545/.615/1.182

Three National League Player of the Week awards for Kemp, all in a row. He is the first player ever to win the award three straight times. The only other player to open a season with two straight player of the week honors was Tony Armas for the 1981 Oakland Athletics.

Kemp has four career player of the week honors, tying him with Orel Hershiser, Andre Ethier, and Eric Karros. The only Dodgers with more player of the week awards, which have been given out since 1974, are Mike Piazza (nine) and Fernando Valenzuela (five).

"Right now, he's just a beast," manager Don Mattingly said. "Matt does so many things. That's what's so compelling about him. He can run, he's a good defender and base stealer. I still feel like he's getting better, and that's kind of scary for a lot of people. As he gets the strike zone, and gets the feel, and keeps consistently doing what he's doing, the sky is the limit for him."