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Dodgers Hot Streak Began Last Year

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The Dodgers look continue their hot streak on Tuesday night as they head to Milwaukee to battle the Brewers at Miller Park. The Dodgers are 9-1 this season, but they also had a crazy 25-10 run to end the season, meaning they are 34-11 in their last 45 games.

The last time the Dodgers had a 45-game stretch that good was 35 years ago, from September 23, 1976 to May 17, 1977. There were a few other 34-11 stretches around that time that began a few days earlier, but nothing better since a few stretches of 35-10 or better from the end of 1954 to the beginning of 1955, when the Dodgers started 22-2.

The best stretch of 45 games by the Dodgers is 37-8, accomplished by the 1899 team that actually went 37-6 from May 1 to June 22, a stretch that was bookended by a pair of two-game losing streaks. The 1953 Dodgers, who went to their fourth World Series in seven years, also had a 37-8 stretch from July 19 to September 1.

The 1940 Dodgers and 1955 Dodgers both started their seasons 10-1, and this year's team has a chance to join them for the best start in the 129-year history of the franchise.

Pitching Matchup

Chad Billingsley has allowed one run in two starts this season, and looks for win number three tonight in Milwaukee.

Yovani Gallardo allowed four home runs to St. Louis in his first start this season, at Miller Park, but rebounded against the Cubs at Wrigley Field in his last start, allowing one run in seven innings. Gallardo struck out nine while allowing just one run in eight innings against the Dodgers at Miller Park last August 16. Billingsley allowed one run in seven innings and took a no-decision.

Starting Lineups

Dodgers Brewers
SS Gordon 2B Weeks
2B Ellis CF Morgan
CF Kemp LF Braun
RF Ethier 3B Ramirez
LF Rivera RF Hart
1B Loney 1B Gamel
3B Uribe C Lucroy
C Ellis SS Izturis
P Billingsley P Gallardo

Game Time: 5:10 p.m.


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