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Clayton Kershaw Avenges No-No With a Dozen Strikeouts, Dodgers Take Game Two 8 - 3

Jerry Hairston Jr. was a one man wrecking crew on Saturday, driving in five runs with three extra base hits.
Jerry Hairston Jr. was a one man wrecking crew on Saturday, driving in five runs with three extra base hits.

One day you get zero hits, the next day you get 14 hits against a guy who has totally dominated at home.

Dee Gordon led off with an infield single, stole second, and sauntered home on a Jerry Hairston Jr. three-run home run. From that point on the only question was by how much would the Dodgers win by, and how many strike outs would Clayton inflict upon the Mariners.

Clayton Kershaw picked up three strike outs in the first inning and that was just the beginning. His fast ball was popping, his slider was slidering, and his curve ball was curving. Pity the fools who had to stand in against him on this day.

1st Inning - Figgins Called, Smoak Swinging, Seager Swinging

2nd Inning - Saunders Called, Liddi Called

3rd Inning - Ryan Called, Figgins Called

4th Inning - Saunders Swining, Liddi Swinging

5th Inning - Figgins Swinging

6th Inning - zippo

7th inning - Liddi Swining, Ryan Swinging

Mixed in the fourth with the two swinging K's was a three-run bomb by Miguel Olivo who came into the game as one of the worst hitters in baseball this season. Key play of the inning was a bloop single by Justin Smoak that looked like TGJ should have caught it with a proper jump.

Easy to find the hitting star of the game. Hairston slugged a three-run bomb in the first inning and followed that with a double in the third netting his fourth run batted in, but he wasn't finished. In the eighth Hairston was paid respect by the Mariner manager by getting a right handed pitcher just for him. Hairston said thank you very much and slammed a double into the gap driving in his career-best fifth RBI.

Good thing the five and six guys were hitting because the three and four were still stuck in Friday's loop. Juan Rivera popped, popped up, and then popped up again. Lucky for him he got a fourth at bat and slammed a single between SS and 3rd. He even got a fifth chance and hit a fly ball that netted a RBI due to the double steal that Gywnn and Dee engineered in the 9th.

Andre Ethier walked, soft line drive to 2nd, struck out, pop up, pop up

Dee Gordon hit into two double plays. Two. So now is he not only struggling to get on base, he's removing those who did manage to get on base. Okay that is harsh. He also had two singles bookending the double plays and stole two bases. All in all a decent game for Dee

Weird Stat of the day - first ground ball out by the Mariners did not take place until the 9th inning.