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Should He Stay Or Should He Go Now?

It will be nice seeing this again.
It will be nice seeing this again.

When the Dodgers resume regular season play on Friday, they expect to be activating Matt Kemp from the disabled list. And if all goes well with Andre Ethier's rehab start for Rancho Cucamonga tonight, he will likely be coming onto the active roster as well. Ethier himself has already proclaimed himself ready to go when speaking to Fox Sports West last night.

"There's no concerns," Ethier said about his oblique. "We're moving forward. I was ready to go in Arizona, but they wanted to give me a couple extra days rest. I didn't agree with it too much, but I understand what the reason is. We want to get everyone healthy and make sure we have everyone healthy for the second half."

Scott Van Slyke being optioned to Albuquerque is a virtual certainty as the maneuver that opens one roster spot for the return of the Dodger middle-of-the-order hitters. What is open to debate is what the second move will be. Your guess is probably as good as mine, so make one in the poll below.

Dodger Trade Rumors:

Yesterday our own Phil Gurnee speculated on a whole host of possibilities for trade targets, although you can strike Edwin Encarnacion from that list. And Ryan Dempster and Matt Garza were mentioned as targets by Jon Heyman of Now Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports has floated the Dodgers together with the names of Aramis Ramirez and Chase Headley as potential answers to the question mark of production that is third base in Los Angeles.