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Kemp Gets The Day Off And So Does Billingsley

Don Mattingly will be watching a different starter today than he thought he would a day ago. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE
Don Mattingly will be watching a different starter today than he thought he would a day ago. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

Starting Lineups

RF Denorfia
CF Gwynn
2B Forsythe
2B M. Ellis
3B Headley
RF Ethier
LF Quentin
LF Abreu
1B Alonso
1B Loney
CF Maybin
3B Hairston
SS Cabrera
SS Uribe
C Baker
C Treanor
P Marquis
P Capuano

Last night during the game, Chad Billingsley mentioned he might have a problem with his elbow and that was the first time he had mentioned a problem. He had previously thrown his bullpen earlier this week.

Mattingly said, "right now we are calling it elbow pain." "Going to get an MRI this morning," and "Hoping to know something by the end of day"

Mattingly says Chad told training staff last night he had been feeling something for an undetermined amount of time. Chad thought it was normal stuff. Donne said "Sue and those guys they go to school a long time, they are pretty smart," so you need to tell someone. "They [training staff] are not mind readers."

Billingsley had a "touch and feel" yesterday and Honeycutt didn't like that and he asked Chad how he was and he said he had no problems.

They told Capuano last night about the change for today.

Nate Eovaldi will pitch tomorrow and Kershaw will pitch Wednesday. Tuesday is open. Names mentioned include Wright or others on the roster. Ely was mentioned but there was nothing definitive. Mattingly added that Javy Guerra will be back on Tuesday.

Matt is just getting a day off because he had played two straight days after being off for 6 weeks, Mattingly added that after today, Matt will be good to go. Kemp said earlier today "I'm available the rest of the season." Donnie thinks Kemp has been "a little cautious" but that is understandable.

Uribe is playing shortstop today because he has played it more than Hairston and Mattingly believes Uribe can make the plays, his range may not be like others but "he has tremendous hands and tremendous feel for defense."

Treanor, Loney, Uribe and Gwynn were always in today's lineup.

Mattingly knows that players have this tendency to not say something. Mattingly sees it differently as the manager "I know why they do it but I'm trying to get the point across that don't let something get big." "They [players] think they know [about their bodies]" "We could have given him [Billingsley] almost 2 weeks off." "It could have been behind us." "Try to get guys just to be upfront." "We want Sue to be able to help them."

"I used to hear Joe [Torre] give the same talk every year" about not being open about anything that hurts them.

There was still a lot of talk about last night's play. Mattingly said that it is learning moment but also had Jansen made a good throw, Cabrera would have been out. He also said that last night, he knew that Venable wasn't trying going to steal second because he saw Bud Black take off his cap in the dugout after Venable was running on the foul off.

Prime Ticket

Game Time 1:10 p.m