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No real update on Billingsley's MRI for today per Dodgers

Eovaldi on the mound tomorrow, after that? Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE
Eovaldi on the mound tomorrow, after that? Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

Not sure what is being tweeted out there but the Dodger PR Department's official word is "No real update on Billingsley's MRI for today...he has right elbow inflammation and will have further testing tomorrow."

David Vassegh from Dodger Talk tweeted "Billingsley told me the MRI results showed issue is his flexor muscle, will have a 2nd MRI tomorrow. He doesn't think it's too serious."

From the story about the injury, Chad Billingsley said after the game that MRI results showed "flexor muscle and inflammation strain or whatever you want to call it."

"As far as what they saw, I have to go back and get another [MRI] to get a little bit of a better view of it," said an optimistic Billingsley, who will go back for testing again on Monday.

Regarding today's game, not the way you would have drawn it up before the game but for now these are the types of games the Dodgers are in, close and not much margin to (yes) error.

Mattingly was asked if he was planning to close the clubhouse door and yell at the players for making errors, he said he wasn't singling anyone out and yelling at him.

Mattingly added that there was no thought to pinch hit for Capuano in the 6th (good pitch count and a little short in the bullpen today). He thought if Capuano gets out of the 7th well, he could have pitched 8 innings and limit the pen to maybe just one guy. He also felt that Capuano facing a right-handed Grandal was better than a righty facing Grandal batting lefty.

Capuano said if there was a time for this to happen (replacing another starter on one day's notice) this was the perfect day for him to start since he was on his 7th day since pitching.

Hairston's been around for a while and he didn't like the fact that the errors really cost his team the game, he accepted it that it happens. "You have a long season and you just try to rebound tomorrow."

"I have played with a lot of really good third baseman and it's a tough position." He said sometimes you have dive and let it go without a grip. He said that on that last play (on the infield hit), that was the toughest in terms of getting a good grip on the ball. Hairston joked when a writer said he hadn't made an error at third this year, he was glad it was out of the way (really this was a joke).

The attendance was 39,715.