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Dodgers Homestand Ticket Deals

The Dodgers return home for a nine-game homestand beginning Monday night. If you were planning to go to a game and didn't yet have tickets, perhaps these ticket offers from TiqIQ will be of use to you.

Besides the already low prices for this upcoming homestand at Dodger Stadium, TiqIQ also has some great ScoreBIG/Make-An-Offer deal opportunities for you to rack up even more savings. These make an offer deals can't be beat and tickets can sometimes be had for as low as $10, and you don't have any pesky service or shipping fees to worry about. Just name your price and avoid all the hassles. Click here to sign up for for your own ScoreBig account and start saving today:

Here are some of this homestand's best deals:

  • 7/30 vs Arizona: Save 56% and offer $12 for 2-star seats (List price: $27.50)
  • 7/31 vs Arizona: Save 27% and offer $20 for 3-star seats (List price: $27.50)
  • 8/1 vs Arizona: Save 52% and offer $32 for 4-star seats (List price: $66.16)
  • 8/3 vs Chicago: Save 63% and offer $11 for 2-star seats (List price: $29.46)
  • 8/4 vs Chicago: Save 54% and offer $9 for 1-star seats (List price: $19.50)
  • 8/5 vs Chicago: Save 51% and offer $65 for 6-star seats (List price: $132.88)
  • 8/6 vs Colorado: Save 60% and offer $7 for 1-star tickets (List price: $17.50)
  • 8/7 vs Colorado: Save 29% and offer $35 for 3-star seats (List price: $49.48)
  • 8/8 vs Colorado: Save 55% and offer $50 for 5-star seats (List price: $110.64)

Click the Golden IQ to make an offer and get to Dodger Stadium for less!

And to see the entire ticket inventory, click here: