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Dodgers Wait On Ryan Dempster Deal With Cubs

Is Ryan Dempster still the focus of the Dodgers?
Is Ryan Dempster still the focus of the Dodgers?

The non-waiver trade deadline doesn't hit for another 40 minutes or so, and the Dodgers are seemingly in a holding pattern. Their target has remained the same: Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster, who was scheduled to start for the Cubs Tuesday night.

But it doesn't appear that will happen.

Based on reports from MLB Network, the Cubs want Allen Webster and the Dodgers' response has essentially been, "No way, who do you think he is, Ethan Martin?"

The Dodgers' leverage has been based in the fact that Dempster, who has the right to approve any trade as a player with 10 years experience and five years with one team, wants to play for the Dodgers. However, Dempster has reportedly expanded the list of teams to which he would approve a trade, per ESPN Chicago:

Chicago Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster told's Bruce Levine that he would accept a trade to the New York Yankees or Texas Rangers if the Cubs can't complete a deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers before Tuesday's 4 p.m. ET deadline.

Will the Dodgers get Dempster? If so, who goes in the deal? If they don't get him, do they get another pitcher instead, like Jason Vargas?

We have 40 minutes or so to find out. The most hectic time of the trade deadline always seems to be the final minutes, and possibly a little bit after 1 p.m. PDT, as news starts to trickle out of deals that came in just under the wire.