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Juan Uribe Gets Rare Start For Dodgers

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If it worked against R.A. Dickey, it's gotta work against Kevin Correia.
If it worked against R.A. Dickey, it's gotta work against Kevin Correia.

For the first time in over three weeks, Juan Uribe is in the starting lineup for the Dodgers, starting at third base in the second game of their series against the Pirates at PNC Park.

Uribe has hit just .191/.248/.289 this season in 57 games this season, including just four hits in his last 50 at-bats. He has been the forgotten man on the bench of late, with just five plate appearances in the last 20 games, including no starts.

But if there was ever a time for Uribe to start, against Kevin Correia would be a time to do it. Uribe is hitting .471/.500/.706 (8-for-17 with a double and a home run) against Correia in his career, including 2-for-2 this season.

Of course, there is a downpour of rain in Pittsburgh three hours before game time, so perhaps Uribe in the starting lineup wasn't meant to be after all.

Starting Lineups

Mark Ellis gets the night off, with Luis Cruz playing second base. Uribe is batting second, the first time this season in that lineup spot. He batted second six times last season, with the last time on July 15, 2011.

LF Victorino (S)
LF Marte
3B Uribe

RF Snider (L)
CF Kemp
CF McCutchen
RF Ethier (L)

1B Jones (L)
SS Ramirez
2B Walker
1B Loney (L)

3B Alvarez (L)
2B Cruz

C Barajas
C Ellis
SS Barmes
P Billingsley

P Correia

Game Time: 4:05 p.m.


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