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Adrian Gonzalez Claimed: Now We Wait

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Will Adrian Gonzalez come back to the National League West?
Will Adrian Gonzalez come back to the National League West?

The Los Angeles Dodgers for the second time in August have put their money where their mouth is. They have reportedly claimed first baseman Adrian Gonzalez from the Boston Red Sox per Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times.

Gonzalez is hitting .300/.343/.469 with 15 home runs this season, which would of course be a massive improvement over James Loney and Juan Rivera. But claiming Gonzalez doesn't necessarily mean he will be a Dodger. The two teams will need to work out a trade, unless the Red Sox simply want to rid themselves of $127 million over the next six years for ages 31-36 of Gonzalez.

Will this be another Cliff Lee scenario, with the Dodgers unable to work out a deal, or will Boston want to rid themselves of Gonzalez's salary?

As Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe noted, "the Red Sox have to at least consider the idea of giving the Dodgers his deal. That $127 million can be put to use elsewhere."

The teams have 48 hours to work out a trade from the time of the claim, so at the latest we will know of a deal is Sunday.