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I hate myself for loving you

Sky's the limit  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Sky's the limit (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Or I could have gone with If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right.

But neither convey my feeling toward current management. Or maybe they do, at no point as a lifelong Dodger fan have I ever felt so conflicted. The Piazza trade is as close as it gets to this.

With the knowledge that this ownership group will do everything it can to bring a championship to the Los Angeles Dodgers nothing is ever going to be the same. While this should be a slam dunk I'm quite torn as how to go about being a fan from this point forward.

Ever since free agency became a thing a certain percentage of the population has wanted whoever owned the Dodgers to be the big dawgs in the National League. As the blogging world got involved those voices could be heard every so often every time the Yankee's or Red Sox made a big money play. Why can't we do this was a plaintive cry I heard all to often.

Today, those cries were heard, and they must be ecstatic because no one is the bigger dawg right now then the Los Angeles Dodgers.The trade that went down this weekend was so far over the top that even the original contemplation of such a deal met with my misplaced ridicule. This trade changes the landscape and our comments section were flooded with opinions, and at last count three separate fanposts have sprang up.

Some feel the Dodgers hit a home run, acquiring an elite first baseman, a one time World Series MVP only one year removed from an all-star season, and the premier player available in the 2011 free agent class, money be damned. Many (the majority) felt that getting AGON was the price to be paid for taking on the possible deadweight contracts of Beckett and Crawford and giving up some prized possessions. If you love advanced statistics and think WAR means something Chad Moriyama gave his detailed look at the deal. Others felt the Dodgers paid much to steep a price, giving up not one but two young cost controlled pitchers who will probably be in the Red Sox rotation for much of 2013, along with a slugging AAA player who just might tattoo the hell out of the Wall. A few addressed the fact we had just become the West Coast Yankees and while many celebrated that fact, these few were a little uncomfortable with that.

I'm here to represent those few. I'm very uncomfortable buying a pennant. As Eric noted the other day, the payroll headed into 2013 is in a stratosphere where I don't breath. I've no doubt this trade will work out well for the Dodgers. Adrian Gonzalez will probably become the greatest Los Angeles Dodger first baseman in history. When Carl Crawford returns in 2013, he'll show everyone why he was so coveted in the fall of 2010. Josh Beckett will probably pitch some key games,and enjoy a renaissance in the NL similar to his one time teammate AJ Burnett.

But if they don't work out, so what? Walters said related to a spending ceiling: “Somewhere, I suppose.” That doesn't sound like someone concerned with spending limits. For those worried about the dollars because they think these contracts will hamstring the future of the franchise, Walters ain't worried so why should you be?

So if you are cool with buying a postseason berth, this team should resonate well with you. And don't kid yourselves and say your aren't buying a postseason. You are buying a postseason. There is only one reason why these players were available to the Dodgers and that was because no one was going to take these contracts, not because these players aren't extremely talented. The deep pockets of the new ownership group showed just how deep they are and based on the comments coming from ownership, those pockets are far from being full.

A whole new group of fans are going to jump on this Dodger bandwagon, fans who will only be regaling in the success of this current regime as the mega millionaires storm this town. They will be become as arrogant as any Yankee/Sox fan has ever been. Rooting with them as AGon or Hanley send home runs into the left and right field pavilions will be strange.

Eventually I'll get used to it, probably by the time I finish watching Adrian's first abat for the one hundredth time tonight.

Now get off my lawn.