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Matt Kemp Leaves Game After Another Collision With CF Wall

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For the second time in as many nights, Dodgers fans held their collective breaths as Matt Kemp crashed into the center field wall at Coors Field. On Tuesday night, Kemp was forced to come out shortly after hitting the wall at full speed after a triple by Josh Rutledge in the first inning.

Kemp was down on the field for several minutes after crashing into the wall, but after meeting with trainer Sue Falsone he remained in the game. But just two batters later reason prevailed and Kemp was removed from the game. Chad Moriyama captured the play the led to Kemp's removal.

Shane Victorino moved to center field with Kemp out, and Juan Rivera entered the game in left field.

Kemp also ran into the wall in the eighth inning on Monday, but remained in the game.

The Dodgers have already been without Kemp for 51 games this year on two different stints on the disabled list for left hamstring strains. At two and a half games out of a playoff spot beginning play on Tuesday, Kemp missing an extended period could prove disastrous to the team's postseason hopes.

UPDATE (7:31 p.m.): The Dodgers announced that Kemp suffered a right knee contusion and was taken for precautionary x-rays on his jaw, and that he showed no concussion-like symptoms.